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OpenCV 3.0.0-dev "Core_globbing" failure

asked 2013-10-30 13:09:19 -0600

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updated 2013-10-31 02:58:51 -0600

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I compiled opencv 3.0.0-dev from on my Raspberry Pi model A (ARMv6, 256M RAM). It took approximately 10 hours. Running bin/opencv_test_core I see many results report "OK" but there is a failure with "Core_globbing". What does this mean?

[----------] 1 test from Core_globbing
[ RUN      ] Core_globbing.accuracy
/mnt/USB1/opencv-master/modules/core/test/test_io.cpp:501: Failure
Expected: (lenas.size()) > (pngLenas.size()), actual: 0 vs 0
[  FAILED  ] Core_globbing.accuracy (11 ms)
[----------] 1 test from Core_globbing (17 ms total)
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answered 2013-11-20 09:49:17 -0600

Chanaka gravatar image


I think you have just built your OpenCV Sources and tried to test the compilation by running "./opencv_test_core" in e.g:- "opencv-2.4.7/build/bin" folder.

this testcase fails because there is no input images, therefore take any .jpg and .png pictures and rename these 2 pictures as lena.jpg and lena.png and copy them into "opencv-2.4.7/build/bin" folder and run again..., you will pass this case.


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Thanks that worked for me

theSundayProgrammer gravatar imagetheSundayProgrammer ( 2015-10-17 01:01:35 -0600 )edit

And you can do this copying those provided images from:

samples/java/clojure/simple-sample/resources/images/lena.png and

sergiomcfly gravatar imagesergiomcfly ( 2015-11-26 20:15:30 -0600 )edit

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