Cv2.DecomposeHomographyMat throws OpenCVException [closed]

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Hello. I'm trying to use the DecomposeHomographyMat method but it always throws an OpenCVException with the message:

OpenCvSharp.OpenCVException: 'K.cols == 3 && K.rows == 3

                Mat homo = Cv2.FindHomography(InputArray.Create(pts1), InputArray.Create(pts2), HomographyMethods.None);
                Mat K = new Mat(3, 3, MatType.CV_8UC3, Scalar.All(0));

                IEnumerable<Mat> rot = Enumerable.Empty<Mat>();
                IEnumerable<Mat> trans = Enumerable.Empty<Mat>();
                IEnumerable<Mat> normal = Enumerable.Empty<Mat>();

                    Cv2.DecomposeHomographyMat(homo, K, rot, trans, normal);

                catch (OpenCVException e)

What is wrong with my method call?

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sorry but we cannot help with 3rdparty api wrappers.

however, the K Mat should be the camera Matrix from calibration (not an empty Mat), and CV_8UC3 is for sure the wrong type (and the reason for your error) it must be CV_32F instead

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2020-08-10 04:09:21 -0500 )edit