Track Edges and get Camera Transformation [closed]

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I am looking for advice what the best approach would be to achieving my goal. This is my first project using opencv so sorry for the noob questions, I am learning.

The goal: I want to use webcam to detect edges, track the edges as the camera moves, and calculate the cameras position based on the edges.

  1. For edge detection I understand that I can use cv.cornerHarris()
  2. Track edges - how do I identify the edges and track them across frames as the camera moves?
  3. Camera Transformation - I know that I will need a known starting point, for the first frame I plan to measure the distance (x & y) from the camera to the known edges that i want to track. I believe once I have a known starting transformation I should be able to calculate the movement, should I use cv.solvePNP()?

Suggestions/examples/tutorials would be greatly appreciated, especially in python :) TIA

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Thanks will take a look!

ronnyvdb gravatar imageronnyvdb ( 2020-08-06 15:04:59 -0600 )edit