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Tesseract engine does not work properly

asked 2013-10-30 04:56:26 -0600

akoo gravatar image

Hi all, I am trying to write a software to recognize some text from an image, but when I binarize the image and I call to tesseract engine, this does not recognize text in image. Does somebody know why text it is not recognized? Must I do something extra to recognize? I leave the image I am trying to recognize text. image description tesseract output is: "24"

I've also tried with another image like this:

image description

And the output is also wrong. Output: "L I"

Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

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1 answer

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answered 2013-10-30 05:35:56 -0600

Adi gravatar image
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Asked: 2013-10-30 04:56:26 -0600

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