CUDA headers still appear even if -DWithCUDA=OFF ?

asked 2020-07-20 23:26:33 -0500

  • OpenCV => 3.4.11
  • Operating System / Platform => OSX 10.15.4

I am wondering whether cuda related functionalities are useful for using opencv in ios projects and I suspect not. When compiling with

python opencv/platforms/ios/ ios \ --without gpu --without contrib --without dnn --without highgui \ --without legacy --without ml --without nonfree --without objdetect \ --without photo --without stitching --without video --without videoio \ --without videostab --without flann --without dnn --without calib3d \ --without features2d --without gapi --without java_bindings_generator \ --without imgcodecs --iphoneos_archs=arm64 --dynamic \ --without world --disable-bitcode

I can still see cuda related headers are included in the output. Cuda related headers still appear even if I manually added -DWITH_CUDA=OFF in opencv/platforms/ios/

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