Open Cv Headless

asked 2020-07-12 22:31:59 -0500

To start, I have a jetson nano and it is running ubuntu 18.04.

I am trying to download opencv for albumentations. To download albumentations and imguag, you need open cv headless, open cv contrib.

I followed the steps in this link: It returns errors.

I think the problem is somewhere along the lines of "Note that the wheel (especially manylinux) format does not currently support properly ARM architecture so there are no packages for ARM based platforms in PyPI. However, opencv-python packages for Raspberry Pi can be found from"

How should I install open cv headless? How should I install albumentations? By the way, I installed open cv and it works. However I cannot albumentations because it does not come with the jetson nano open cv does come with open cv headless.

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