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Create a layer for artificial neural network of openCV2

asked 2013-10-28 03:27:14 -0500

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updated 2013-10-28 03:52:42 -0500

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According to this blog, it create the labels as this way

    cv::Mat layers = cv::Mat(4, 1, CV_32SC1); //create 4 layers

    layers.row(0) = cv::Scalar(2); //input layer accepts x and y
    layers.row(1) = cv::Scalar(10);//hidden layer
    layers.row(2) = cv::Scalar(15);//hidden layer
    layers.row(3) = cv::Scalar(1); //output layer returns 1 or -1

But in the book, it create the layers as following

Mat layers(1,3,CV_32SC1);<int>(0)= TrainData.cols;<int>(1)= nlayers;<int>(2)= numCharacters;

1 : The blog use rows to save the parameters but the book use cols to save the parameters.Are they the same thing?Do I have to change the way of writing, reading the xml according to the way of saving the parameters(any issues I do not mention have to take care)?

2 : What is the order of the layers?As I guess(uncertain)

  1. The feature numbers of each sample
  2. number of layers
  3. ~ Last(assume 4 == last in this case) - 1
  4. Classes(The kinds of data want to classify. ex : '0', '1', ..., '9')
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answered 2013-10-28 09:35:54 -0500

berak gravatar image

it won't matter, if you use Mat layers(1,3,CV_32SC1); or Mat layers(3,1,CV_32SC1);

just decide for one and stick with it.

layers is just a one dimensional vector, each element contains the node-count for this layer, the 1st element is the input layer, the last one is the outpt layer, all inbetween are for the hidden ones.

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