good tutorials for preforming VIO on a rpi3 [closed]

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Ive been looking for tutorials for how to preform Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) for quite some time now, and the only ones I can find reference some pre-made VIO camera integration by intel into the rpi. I want to take an IMU, say, the MPU-9250, for example, and preform sensor fusion with just a normal rpi camera.

Yet, the only tutorials I can find are for Visual Odometry (VO), and I fear this may be for a reason. Is it that IMU's dont really add anything to the mix? And if not, which VO program should I use? Im finding alot of those but they dont fit my exact situation, I came close with this one, yet it was talking bout a master/slave server setup, when I only want one rpi handling this. So then I looked for other tutorials on how to use the library they used, ORB_SLAM2, but apparently its also contreversial, as debated here. So now im just sorta lost.

What im asking of you is:

-Is intergrating IMU's into VO going to impact performace positivley? and if so, do link me some good, relevant tutorials.

-And if not, do also link me some good relevant tutorials, but for VO.

Thank you all so much, all input is appreciated. =)

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