face-detection sample: "Android.mk:detection_based_tracker: non-system libraries in linker flags: -lopencv_java"

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Hi, Hi, first of all sorry for my bad English. I'm new to OpenCV and have tried to run android samples, but I have problem with samples with native code. When I try to run face-detection I get an error: image description

Console output looks like:

20:50:33 * Auto Build of configuration Default for project OpenCV Sample - face-detection * "C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130219\android-ndk-r9\ndk-build.cmd" Android NDK: WARNING:jni/Android.mk:detection_based_tracker: non-system libraries in linker flags: -lopencv_java
Android NDK: This is likely to result in incorrect builds. Try using LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES
Android NDK: or LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES instead to list the library dependencies of the
Android NDK: current module
Install : libdetection_based_tracker.so => libs/armeabi-v7a/libdetection_based_tracker.so 20:50:36 Build Finished (took 3s.243ms)

Any ideas how can I solve it? Thanks in advance.

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