I can't find the output nor run it. Can you run and tell.

asked 2020-05-11 11:24:19 -0500

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I am running the run-all.py script - https://github.com/spmallick/learnope...

It had some errors in cv2_videowriter about height and weight so i passed them manually.Here is that code - https://github.com/shanksghub/opencvr...

here's the dataset that I want to run in the commands - https://www.kaggle.com/vtech6/medical... . Can you run and tell me why I can't find an output? I ran

python run-all.py pathofthefolder

but i didn't get an output. and if i run a single file I can't run the output file.

This is the code with height and weight passed in manually- https://github.com/shanksghub/opencvr...

This link https://github.com/spmallick/learnope... has the code and readme in the original format.please help.


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I can't help you. Fortunately, we already attempted before, and it worked well..

supra56 gravatar imagesupra56 ( 2020-05-13 20:38:49 -0500 )edit