Getting the original pixel value in a thresholded RGB image

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  • I have an RGB image and also depth values per pixel in a text file
    • I formed depth image and done thresholding.
    • Now I want the original color of thee RGB image in the threshold part.
    • What I feel is, I need to get the position of the black pixels and then create a full white pixel image and then will map the rgb values in the original image corresponding to the previously determined black pixel position into that white image.

I have coded this far:

import cv2
import numpy as np

depth_image = np.loadtxt(fname = "D:/workspace/1.txt", delimiter=',', skiprows=0)
rgb = cv2.imread("D:/workspace/1.jpg")
gray =  cv2.cvtColor(rgb, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)
out = np.zeros(depth_image.shape, np.double)
#normalized = cv2.normalize(depth_image, out, 1.0, 0.0, cv2.NORM_MINMAX, dtype=cv2.CV_64F)
norm_image = cv2.normalize(depth_image, None, alpha=0, beta=1, norm_type=cv2.NORM_MINMAX, dtype=cv2.CV_32F)
mask = norm_image < 0.1

sel = np.zeros_like(depth_image)
colored = np.zeros_like(rgb)
sel[mask] = depth_image[mask]
sel_not = 255-sel

'''indices = np.where(sel_not == [10])
print (indices)
coordinates = zip(indices[0], indices[1])
print (coordinates)'''



Image used is: image description

Link to my depth information file

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