How to detect cracks in an image?

asked 2020-04-11 06:21:32 -0600

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How to detect such cracks that you can see in the attached images? I have tried some OpenCV algorithms like blob detection (cv::SimpleBlobDetector) but couldn't get any results.

It is a cropped image, the full image has some other features as well, so I am not sure thresholding can work because I have to get the bounding box of the detected crack. One way is to assign several (region of interest) ROI and try to detect within that ROI, but this crack doesn't appear at the same location in the image. Any idea?

Can this problem be solved with machine/deep learning (like object detection)? If I train a model with a crack dataset? Because the crack part of the image doesn't have lots of features so I am not sure this method will work. Please guide.


image description image description

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