Detect specific parts of car - painted area

asked 2020-03-31 09:55:23 -0500

crusaderxx gravatar image

Hi everyone,

so far I managed to implement a algorithm which detects a car in an image. It will output the following:

  • Mask with ones for the car and zeros for any other object
  • Main color of the car

This gives me good results for the overall car. The next step would be to only detect specific parts of the car. As a next step I would like to extract only the areas which are related to the vehicle paint. So no headlights, tires, windscreen, trims, ... For colored cars one possible options is to use the H component of the HSV color space. But this will not work for white or black cars. I'm running out of ideas for this approach. Do you guys have any other suggestion to extract the painted areas of the car?

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