Triangulation with multiple cameras

asked 2020-01-29 03:39:48 -0500

cybdev gravatar image


I am currently working on an application that should triangulate points in 3d space with three cameras. The cameras are rotated 120° to each other with a pitch of 60° downwards.

I used calibrateCamera to get the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters and that is working fine.

I found two triangulation methods in the opencv documentation. The triangulatePoints method only works in a stereo setup (via stereoRectify) as far as i understand the method. Is there a similar method for my setup?

I also looked into the triangulatePoints method from the SFM module but i do not understand if i can use that for my setup. Could somebody give me a short explanation if this method is suitable for me and how i have to use it. How are the projection matrices calculated for this method and in which format do i have to provide them to the method?

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