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Where're CascadeClassifier and DetectMultiScale Algorithm Location?

asked 2013-10-15 22:36:35 -0600

Shaban gravatar image

Hi guys, I wanna learn how HOG Descriptor, CascadeClassifier and DetectMultiScale Algorithms work (step by step). Can you tell me where're the location of them in OpenCV directory? I mean .cpp file or etc.

I'll appreciate any help here. Thanks! :)

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answered 2013-10-16 04:20:08 -0600

Siegfried gravatar image

Hi, you can find void HOGDescriptor::detectMultiScale(...) here and CascadeClassifier::detectMultiScale(...) here.

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Thanks Sieg! :)

Shaban gravatar imageShaban ( 2013-10-16 06:55:27 -0600 )edit

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