Replace a range of colors with a specific color in Android with OpenCV

asked 2020-01-22 11:10:03 -0500

manedragon gravatar image

updated 2020-01-23 18:16:41 -0500

Hello, i have an image with diferent things like, table, chair, wall and person, I want to change de color of the object touch on bitmap for example the color of the wall from blue to red or another color but just the wall no the other, how could I make this, what are the steps to follow, or how to do this to java

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  1. Try to do it yourself. Look for some tutorials, the documentation, google etc...

  2. If it's not working, come back with more specific questions.

kbarni gravatar imagekbarni ( 2020-01-24 03:27:52 -0500 )edit

Thanks, I have try with bitmap pixel, but is no very good, and with OpenCV but is complex I need the the steps to do that no the code just the steps, convert to gray or segmentation how should I can do that.

manedragon gravatar imagemanedragon ( 2020-01-24 10:37:10 -0500 )edit

I can merely do on python. Fortunately, someone may help you to translated to android.

supra56 gravatar imagesupra56 ( 2020-02-02 05:47:20 -0500 )edit