VideoWriter features support for Android?

asked 2013-10-12 17:20:20 -0600

Aleksandar gravatar image

Does anyone know whether OpenCV would support VideoWriter features for Android in the near future?

Missing such feature is real shame for this great library, since we could do powerful image processing upon input frames by using OpenCV on Android, but that final step (video recording) probably prevents many of us from using OpenCV on Android projects related to Video processing.

On OpenCV4Android Google group I could see many comments that Video IO would be supported for Android in the "following releases", but few new versions of OpenCV have been released in mid-time, but there's no such support yet.

Therefore, I would really appreciate if anyone could give some better estimation when Video IO support for Android could be introduced by OpenCV?

I'm so eager of using OpenCV on my project and I would even put my project on hold for a while if you planned such support in some near future, but without any concrete estimation I would just need to turn for another solution.

Thank you for this great library and keep up good work!


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