Can i find if a line connected component is strongly connected or not?

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Hello all, I have an image of a number (zero), and I am trying to detect it. First i did some filtering to create a binary image (mask) and then edge detection to findthe edges:

image description

What i want to do now, is, decouple the fully (strongly) connected components from the others. Hence, in the above image, zero is fully connected with itself (forming a circle) while the other connected components dont. Is that possible? And how? Really thanks, Geo.

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You could write your own region growing method which would follow valid ("white") pixels until the method reaches a pixel that it has already visited (set visited pixels in a separate image).

I assume you want to avoid that tiny circles are also detected by this method. One way to avoid this could be to encode the traveled distance from the seed pixel also in the 'visited'-image and require that the region growing method would need to travel at least N pixels for a valid 'circle'. I would probably use a breadth-first region growing strategy.

pefue gravatar imagepefue ( 2019-12-09 10:55:38 -0500 )edit