Convert tensorflow model to code and load it from memory

asked 2019-11-05 03:31:10 -0600

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Hi, I'm developing a deep learning app with a tensorflow model in a .pb file. I load it with the following code and it works fine:

myNet = cv::dnn::readNetFromTensorflow(modelPath)

However, I need to protect the model, so I'd like to (somehow) convert it to memory before compiling (C++), and load it from memory so the model is not packed with the binaries.

This is the function I'm currently using:

Net cv::dnn::readNetFromTensorflow (const String &model, const String &config=String())

And these are the two functions that I think I may need, but can't make work:

Net cv::dnn::readNetFromTensorflow (const std::vector< uchar > &bufferModel, const std::vector< uchar > &bufferConfig=std::vector< uchar >())

Net cv::dnn::readNetFromTensorflow (const char *bufferModel, size_t lenModel, const char *bufferConfig=NULL, size_t lenConfig=0)

I tried converting the .pb file to a header file with xxd, but the computer runs out of memory trying to compile the program. I searched the docs but didn't find an example on how to convert the file to memory and consume it. Is is possible to do it?

Thank you very much.

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how large is your model ? do you have a link ? opencv version ?

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2019-11-05 03:37:22 -0600 )edit

The model weighs 15MB but it may weigh even more in the future (50MB). I tried OpenCV 3.4 and 4.1. I'm afraid I can't share the model :(

benji gravatar imagebenji ( 2019-11-05 03:50:27 -0600 )edit

imho, the idea of converting data into code, and compiling it into your exe works nice for ~200k cascade files or such, but not for your dnn model (data in limited auto memory, 64mb compiler chunk restrictions, etc.)

I need to protect the model

maybe you can encrypt it somehow, and write your own loader/decrypt code, do it at runtime, not at compile time

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2019-11-05 04:08:36 -0600 )edit