Accuracy of OpenCV DeepFlow V.S. FlowNet 2.0

asked 2019-10-28 14:01:58 -0500

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FlowNet 2.0 seems to be widely used and regarded as the state of the art (?) in the community. I am wondering if anyone can provide any insights on its accuracy comparing to DeepFlow in OpenCV. Setting up a working python environment or making the pre-trained flownet 2.0 model work with OpenCV's DNN module is not so straight forward for me. I am wondering if it's worth the effort to figure them out.

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Just try running the model at all. Sometimes the model has custom layers(written as custom (python)functions) which could break things.

holger gravatar imageholger ( 2019-10-28 17:05:36 -0500 )edit

And yes its worth trying - you can use opencv as top lvl api for various models. And now that we have dnn cuda support in the latest master...

holger gravatar imageholger ( 2019-10-28 18:27:32 -0500 )edit