Hough transform and line length

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Hey guys. So, I've been reading a lot about the Hough transform (both on OpenCV forums and other sources), and I think understand the theory behind it relatively well. i.e. how the result are a set of infinite lines.

However, I am uncertain how I can use this to identify the lines/sides that make up a shape. If you have hectagon lets say, and you do the Hough transform, you will get a whole bunch of lines and it will look like a mess. How can I limit the lines to the actual sides of the shape?

I am new to this subject, and I am amazed at all the functionality that OpenCV has. I am using it to practice even though I also have Matlab student version sitting on my computer.


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I don't know how to figure out the hectagon shapes by the lines found by hough transform, but I know a site which could teach you how to do it by cv::findContours.Check this site--http://opencv-code.com/tutorials/detecting-simple-shapes-in-an-image/

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