dnn module getPerfProfile tick output?

asked 2019-10-19 06:04:25 -0500

fogx gravatar image

I am trying to implement the getPerfProfile to measure the runtime of my nn. the documentation for getPerfProfile says that the result is returned in "ticks". There is however no method in python to get or convert ticks, and it is not specified how long a tick is, or how to convert it to a time.

  • If ticks are the amount of cpu cycles used by the dnn, then they should be the same every time for the same image, and also be CPU agnostic. I've tested this and it is not the case.
  • If ticks are a unit of time, they should be convertible into different time units. The only unit it could be is nanoseconds, but i can't find any source saying that ticks are measured in nanoseconds in python (or any other time unit)

so the question is: what is a tick as specified in the documentation? And if it really is ns, why is that not stated in the documentation?

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