mat.reshape giving me an offset in result [closed]

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I have been struggling with the reshape function. I have a big matrix that I convert into a 1 column mat. When I convert the I column back to the original size, the image has an offset and doesn't fit the original no more.

Here my code more or less (PS. I have simplified it to this that demonstrates my problem): code:

frame = my_Original_mat 
Dim SingleColumn As Mat = frame.Clone.Reshape(0, frame.Cols * frame.Rows)  'makes it a 1 column mat

Dim Mymat As New Mat

 SingleColumn.Col(0).CopyTo(Mymat)   'get the single column back out again

 Dim OriginalShape As Mat = Mymat.Reshape(0, frame.Rows))

CvInvoke.Imshow("Original ", frame.Clone)

CvInvoke.Imshow("OriginalShape ", OriginalShape .Clone)

image description

image description

Sorry for the bad images...but I think you can see that the reshaped one is now shifted down. What am I doing wrong? I need a way to simply extract 1 column at the time from a build up matrix (I concat into this matrix). Let me know if anything else is needed and thanks for the help in advance.

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sorry, but we can't help with vb or any 3rdparty wrappers.

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2019-10-14 09:47:19 -0600 )edit

@TheoDup. What, if you change this frame.Clone.Reshape(0, frame.Cols * frame.Rows) to frame.Clone.Reshape(1, frame.Cols * frame.Rows)?

supra56 gravatar imagesupra56 ( 2019-10-15 08:52:05 -0600 )edit

@supra56, thanks for the idea and reply/help. However, changing the 0 to 1 will chance the color depth according to the documentation (with 1 = probably gray scale then?). Also, I posted my probleem on emgu wrapper and was also told this is the wrong place (sorry for this). I have in the mean time found out now that the problem is only with column 0. If I take any other column it works as expected. Only column 0 has this kind of offset.

TheoDup gravatar imageTheoDup ( 2019-10-15 13:10:34 -0600 )edit