How to detech fingerprint from an image or cameraView

asked 2019-10-12 21:16:48 -0500

I'm new in android and building an application that will detech and extract fingerprint from an input image or cameraView, but I don't know if there is an SDK,API or library which would helps me to do so.

I've found a project that meet my expectation from but was built in very old version of OpenCV SDK, android studio and android SDK so it's realy hard for me to convert that project to newest version of android studio,OpenCV SDK and android SDK. I also do some searching and found an answer from Fingerprint scanner using camera of android device which provides me steps and technonoly what I should follow to archive my requirement but my deadline does not allow me to do research to be able to follow those steps.

So, Could anyone please tell me if you know there is a library that would help me?

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