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asked 2019-09-11 17:26:37 -0600

cancerberosgx gravatar image

I'm an OpenJS user and I find out that for knowing if a Mat was already deleted there's a method isDeleted() which I will add to the docs since deleting a Mat twice implies an ugly exception.

That being said I'm also seeing a method Mat.deleteLater(). These things seems to be added by emscripten embind which doesn't have any docs besides its source code. I read in some non-standard / C++ library forums (like Qt) that this method, deleteLater() is preferable for performance. Since emscripten doesn't have any details about these I wonder if somebody here knows * can I assume calling deleteLater() will indeed force object deletion in opencv.js applications? * is it any gain on performance using deleteLater vs delete ? in other words, should I keep using delete() ?

BTW there's also a method call isAliasOf() that I can imagine what it could do, but any comment on that one too is very appreciated. In the meanwhile, I know, I will ask these questions in emscripten project, and if I got some relevant information I will update this thread. Thanks in advanced.

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