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Camera properties dialog (DirectShow) no longer opens with cv2.CAP_PROP_SETTINGS

asked 2019-08-20 16:41:38 -0500

cv2 gravatar image

This code in Python used to bring up the DirectShow properties dialog for setting the exposure, brightness, etc. for a camera but at some point (not sure how long ago), it must have stopped working as it doesn't work for me anymore, even trying across different computers and different cameras:

cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0)
cap.set(cv2.CAP_PROP_SETTINGS, 1)

Here's the window I'm referencing

Python 3.6, OpenCV 3.4

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answered 2019-08-21 02:19:38 -0500

LBerger gravatar image

updated 2019-08-21 02:20:30 -0500

When you use VideoCapture(0) default api is used. cv2.CAP_PROP_SETTINGS is only for CAP_DSHOW API. try to use VideoCapture(index+cv2.CAP_DSHOW)

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So basically what happened is that your source systems has another video capturing backend installed which is grabbed before DSHOW in the OpenCV pipeline. The suggestion of @LBerger allows to explicitly select an interface.

StevenPuttemans gravatar imageStevenPuttemans ( 2019-08-21 05:53:47 -0500 )edit

That did the trick - super helpful - thanks

cv2 gravatar imagecv2 ( 2019-08-21 11:19:42 -0500 )edit
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