Which Qt 4 configuration options are needed by OpenCV?

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We are compiling Qt 4 from source and using it as a private copy. Looking at the configuration banners, OpenCV seems to only be using a tiny fraction of Qt's functionality. E.g. stuff like network support, scripting support, video, Qt3 compatibility, various image formats support all seems unneeded because OpenCV uses its own facilities for that. So we'd like to disable them to reduce compilation time and the resulting file size.

Is there any official guidance and/or discernable indicators of which Qt features are actualy used by OpenCV?

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which Qt features are actualy used

have a look here to estimate..

(it' not much. and you also should not care much about it. opencv is a computer-vision library, and as such does not need qt at all, and the gui functions are more like "optional utilities")

please also note, that if you want to use qt in your own program, you should build opencv's highgui module without qt support (and do it all on your own)

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2019-08-01 23:51:23 -0500 )edit