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Error: build OpenCV with CUDA using CMake on window 10

asked 2019-07-30 02:25:30 -0500

MuratALTUNTAS gravatar image
Could not find OpenBLAS include. Turning OpenBLAS_FOUND off
Could not find OpenBLAS lib. Turning OpenBLAS_FOUND off
Could NOT find BLAS (missing: BLAS_LIBRARIES) 
LAPACK requires BLAS
A library with LAPACK API not found. Please specify library location.
VTK is not found. Please set -DVTK_DIR in CMake to VTK build directory, or to VTK install subdirectory with VTKConfig.cmake file
OpenCV Python: during development append to PYTHONPATH: C:/OpenCV-4.1.1/build/python_loader
CMake Error at modules/core/CMakeLists.txt:40 (message):
  CUDA: OpenCV requires enabled 'cudev' module from 'opencv_contrib'

I need your help.

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answered 2019-07-30 08:12:36 -0500

Hi, without your cmake command it is difficult to be 100% certain exactly what the problem is, that said looking at the error it is most likely that you have enabled CUDA without adding the path to the OpenCV contrib repository which contains the code for the CUDA modules. I would suggest following this or similar guides if you are unsure of how to compile OpenCV with CUDA on Windows.

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