Adding Wrappers for Modules in OpenCV.js

asked 2019-07-22 21:19:36 -0600

kavikode gravatar image

Facial landmarks are not yet wrapped into JavaScript.

I'd like to use the Facemark API or the Dlib library in the OpenCV.js for facial landmarks.

I'd like to also use the contrib ximproc module for using the Selective Search for Object Recognition with ximgproc.segmentation.createSelectiveSearchSegmentation().

Most importantly, I'd like to use the SolvePnP and solvepnpransac modules.

How do I add wrappers for modules calib3d, ximgproc, and facial landmarks in OpenCV.js?

  1. How do I enable the build flag?
  2. How do I append js into WRAP list of modules in CMakefiles.txt?
  3. How do I add modules into JS API whitelist?
  4. How do I include the headers into the main file?

How do I run the files to compile?

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