unable to get keypoints in opencv.js by orb detect and compute.

asked 2019-07-20 05:38:46 -0500

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updated 2019-07-20 06:28:51 -0500

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here is the code

let orig = cv.imread(canvasOutput1);
let temp = cv.imread(canvasOutput2);
var orb = new cv.ORB(10000);
let des = new cv.Mat();
let img3 = new cv.Mat();
var noArray1 = new cv.Mat();
var kp1 = new cv.KeyPointVector();
// find the keypoints with ORB
orb.detect(orig, kp1, noArray1);
// compute the descriptors with ORB

var das=new cv.Mat();   
orb.compute(orig, kp1, das);

console.log(kp1);   //the keypoint vector is not showing any keypoints like python
for (i=0;i<kp1.size();i++)
    console.log(kp1[i].pt);  //this is giving error when trying to print points.
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