Still image capture at high resolution

asked 2019-07-11 01:52:54 -0500

Lgum gravatar image

I would like to capture a high-resolution image from an integrated camera. It's a surface book pro and offers a much higher still image resolution (8 MP) than the video resolution (2 MP).

Since I'm running on windows, it seems pretty difficult to obtain that high-resolution image (most other videocapture libraries do not seem to be able to handle this. QT even specifically says, that the Video-Module of QMultimedia is not finished on Windows). Thus I'm stuck grabbing 2 MP frames from the Videocapture module.

Since OpenCV has the ability to run with MediaFoundation and there is a 'TakePhoto'-Function for the current stream, would there be a possibility to extend the videocapture-module to allow still images at full resolution when using the CAP_MSMF-Flag?

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