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Eigen compilation error

asked 2019-06-21 18:16:51 -0500

dolgom gravatar image

I am trying to build OpenCV from Source using CMake. I have used master branch to install. I installed Eigen via apt-get sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev. And cmake shows eigen 3.3.4 is installed.

But when I did 'make', it showed the following error that Eigen/Core is not detected.

/opencv/modules/core/include/opencv2/core/private.hpp:66:12: fatal error: Eigen/Core: No such file or directory #include < Eigen/Core > compilation terminated.

How can I add Eigen to C++ library list?

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answered 2019-06-24 13:33:56 -0500

dolgom gravatar image

I found the same question and the answer on superuser.

So I have changed cmake/OpenCVFindLibsPerf.cmake from line 44 to 59.

I have commented out line 46-48 and 59, and changed find_package(Eigen3 QUIET) in line 44 to find_package(Eigen3 3.0.0).

It worked for me.

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answered 2019-06-22 20:00:59 -0500

I have tried the same, and my work around was to switch to release 4.1.0 with git checkout tags/4.1.0

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