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OpenCV 4 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook - Fourth Edition

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  • Install and create a program using the OpenCV library

  • Segment images into homogenous regions and extract meaningful objects

  • Apply image filters to enhance image content

  • Exploit image geometry to relay different views of a pictured scene

  • Calibrate the camera from different image observations

  • Detect people and objects in images using machine learning techniques

  • Reconstruct a 3D scene from images

  • Explore face detection using deep learning


This book begins by setting up OpenCV, and explains how to manipulate pixels. You'll understand how you can process images with classes and count pixels with histograms. You'll also learn detecting, describing, and matching interest points. As you advance through the chapters, you'll get to grips with estimating projective relations in images, reconstructing 3D scenes, processing video sequences, and tracking visual motion. In the final chapters, you'll cover deep learning concepts such as face and object detection.

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