Imported module not shows up on 'Add Module Dependency' dialog

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So I'm trying to add OpenCV as a dependency for my Android Studio project. And I've followed this tutorial . So at the last step it told me to add the opencv module to my app module in order to use it. But the OpenCV module isn't visible on my project...

Screenshoot :

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Interesting, same for me, with android studio 4 and opencv 4.4, and it was the same with some studio 3.x and opencv 4.3. And I see the question 1 year old is unanswered, interesting if anybody is using android opencv in android studio.

Finally I've got some time both to solve this and to answer here, by default idea consider imported module as an application and adds "apply plugin: ''" to build.gradle of imported opencv module, need to change this to "apply plugin: ''" and remove "applicationId "org.opencv""

And even more finally, it's better just to read build.gradle from sdk folder and follow instructions from there.

surcz gravatar imagesurcz ( 2020-08-12 16:47:14 -0500 )edit