Image transform/warping for ellipsoidal reflector

asked 2019-05-28 13:22:43 -0500

lxiscs gravatar image


I am working with an augmented reality headset (Leap Motion's Project North Star). I would like to be able to display input from cameras etc mounted on the headset with the correct transform to the users perspective. Currently, this would be done through unity using a mesh renderer, but I would like to bypass this for a standalone application. I think the required tasks would be something along 1. Perspective transform from sensor location to user view point 2. Transform from user view point to display using image warp for ellipsoidal reflector model.

I have CAD models for the reflectors and complete headset to determine measurements, I'm just unsure how to obtain the image warp from due to the reflector. Could I use a camera to capture a known image on the reflector and use opencv to compute the transform?

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