Add 'extra modules' from OpenCV 4.1.0 to Java in Eclipse

asked 2019-05-13 09:28:30 -0500

Hello guys,

I need your help urgently since I am not able to find a workaround to do what I am asking for in the title. Since I have the feeling OpenCV is mostly not made for Java and I have to work with some university collegues in a project, I need to install extra modules like the 'xfeature2d' package in our project.

I already followed the instructions to install the basic modules but there is no further documentary on how to add extra modules. Even a detailed google search couldn't help me out since most of the suggestions only handle CMake and C++ but not Java. Hopefully someone that had the same issues as me before was able to figure out a solution and can help me out!

Thank you very much

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