Simple cmake usage for OpenCV as an emscripten dependency?

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Currently, if I want to use OpenCV as an emscripten dependency, I need to manually add the includes and libraries with some GLOB. I wished OpenCV, when building the library to wasm, would provide an OpenCVConfig.cmake file with all the dependencies setting done. It would allow using the classic ${OpenCV_INCLUDE_DIRS} and ${OpenCV_LIBS} when targetting wasm.

My current CMakeLists.txt to compile a simple hello.cpp looks like below. Is there a better way to use cmake with the OpenCV wasm build?

cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 3.1 )
project( HelloCV )

# Does not work
# find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED PATHS third-party/opencv-4.1.0/build_wasm NO_DEFAULT_PATH)

# Needed for opencv2/opencv.hpp
include_directories( third-party/opencv-4.1.0/include )

# Needed by opencv.hpp for opencv2/opencv_modules.hpp
include_directories( third-party/opencv-4.1.0/build_wasm )

# Needed by opencv_modules.hpp for every module
file( GLOB opencv_include_modules "third-party/opencv-4.1.0/modules/*/include" )
include_directories( ${opencv_include_modules} )

# Our hello world executable
add_executable( hello hello.cpp )

# Link to opencv.js precompiled libraries
file( GLOB opencv_js "third-party/opencv-4.1.0/build_wasm/lib/*.a" )
target_link_libraries( hello ${opencv_js} )

I have more details in this stack overflow question if needed:

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Did you find a solution?

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