Object tracking - axe throwing

asked 2019-04-11 08:49:19 -0500

Hi, we are trying to create a simple axe throwing game where the user throws a foam / fake axe at a large monitor displaying a target. We have tried capacitive and IR and neither of them has a fast enough response - we get a touch about 50% of the time. Then we tried LIDAR and again it's not fast enough as it rotates and even at 600rpm we get about 50% hit rate when a fast object passes through the laser plane. The lidar would be nice too, since we could put a piece of plexi in front of the screen. So, OpenCV then. I've seen commercial systems where players can throw balls at a wall, and they all seem to use a kinect or a couple cameras. I am thinking I could use one camera aimed at the target and just look for the axe to appear. The axe head and handle could be colored? Just looking for some input as to how I might get this worked out. Thanks!

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