OpenCV windows xp install problems "opencv.hpp:no such file or directory"

asked 2013-09-21 18:10:38 -0500

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I have been beating my head against this for 2 days. I built the OpenCV binaries according the the quickstart guide using CMake and MinGW. I tested the example, and 'contours.exe' works great. However when I try to compile a 'hello world' application, it cannot locate the header files.

My install is at "D:\opencv2\Builds\".

I added a system variable 'system/advanced' named OPENCV_DIR pointing to D:\opencv2\Builds\install\

My code is below:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <include/opencv2/opencv.hpp>

using namespace cv;

int main( int argc, char** argv )
  Mat image;
  image = imread( argv[1], 1 );

  if( argc != 2 || ! )
      printf( "No image data \n" );
      return -1;

  namedWindow( "Display Image", CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );
  imshow( "Display Image", image );


  return 0;

I use CMake to generate a makefile and mingw32-make to compile the program.

My CMakeLists.txt reads:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8)
project( test )
find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED )
add_executable( test test.cpp )
target_link_libraries( test ${OpenCV_LIBS} )

I get the same error code every time

"include/opencv2/opencv.hpp: No such file or directory 
#include <include/opencv2/opencv.hpp>

How do I get the compiler to find the header files? What am I missing? Thank you so much for you help!

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it's usually #include "opencv2/opencv.hpp", not #include "include/opencv2/opencv.hpp"

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2013-09-22 07:48:32 -0500 )edit

1) try #include "include/opencv2/opencv.hpp" instead of <include/opencv2/opencv.hpp>

2) try to put the path setting to the PATH, and remember to restart the XP to activate the setting.

maythe4thbewithu gravatar imagemaythe4thbewithu ( 2013-09-25 10:11:07 -0500 )edit