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Background removal with changing light

asked 2013-09-18 08:41:14 -0500

changelog gravatar image

I've got a project where I have a camera mounted on the ceiling pointing to a map on a table.

Before any pieces are placed on the map, I train a background subtractor to know what's background and what's not, and segment those pieces, so that I can get their shape & colors.

However, whenever the lighting changes (ie. you're playing inside next to a window and it starts getting darker) the whole thing falls apart.

This is the only way I've found to correctly identify moving parts within a "game board", but the lighting changes are basically throwing it in the wind.

Any ideas of what I can do to periodically adapt to the lighting conditions without having my pieces becoming part of the background? Any help would be appreciated.

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You can look in the direction of adaptive background subtraction method. For example can see my implementation of the algorithm VIBE:, this algorithm is quite fast and stable enough to minor noise.

BeS gravatar imageBeS ( 2013-09-19 11:57:04 -0500 )edit

Thank you, but it still suffers from the "Jurassic Park" problem. After a little while, the moving parts become a part of the background :-(

changelog gravatar imagechangelog ( 2013-09-20 03:17:21 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-04-09 05:38:01 -0500

synthnassizer gravatar image

this is abit late, but you could try the BackgroundSubtractorGMG which is supposedly tuned for light variations. See here

Opencv v3.0.0_beta documentation has info on each of the 3 implemented algorithms here

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