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cannot run sample on Android

asked 2013-09-18 04:14:58 -0500

nakano gravatar image

Hello Everyone

I have some trouble since the openCV Manager v2.10 has been released.

Before the release of openCVManager v2.10 (I don't know it it's really related or not), I've started to run openCV sample and create a project in order to recognize image and everything worked fine for an HTC (firmware 4.2.2) and for a Galaxy tab 7'' (firmware 2.3.3).

However without changing anything in the source code, restarted android device and re-downloaded the android v2.4.6-r sdk, everytime I try to to launch tutorial1 (or another tutorial) from my galaxy, I still have a full black screen and after waiting a while I receive a message for forcing quitting the application.

Could you please tell me why I am no more able to launch any SDK tutorial? Is a new openCVManager will be released in order to fix this trouble?

I'm stack in my project due to this error and I don't know what I can do for fixing it.

Furthermore, for tutorial and my own project I'm using the SDK from the SDK/java folder (I'm not using jni)

I really thank you for your help

Bellow is the logcat I have when I launch tutorial1 (I'm launching it using Mac OSX Mountain Lion with ADTv21.1.0):

09-18 18:09:04.066: E/dalvikvm(2135): Could not find class '', referenced from method

09-18 18:09:04.078: W/dalvikvm(2135): VFY: unable to resolve new-instance 23 (Landroid/graphics/SurfaceTexture;) in Lorg/opencv/android/JavaCameraView;

09-18 18:09:04.078: D/dalvikvm(2135): VFY: replacing opcode 0x22 at 0x0306

09-18 18:09:04.078: D/dalvikvm(2135): VFY: dead code 0x0308-031b in Lorg/opencv/android/JavaCameraView;.initializeCamera (II)Z

09-18 18:09:04.078: D/CameraBridge(2135): Attr count: 6

09-18 18:09:04.082: D/CameraBridge(2135): Attr count: 6

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/Service(2059): Service starting

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/Service(2059): Engine binder component creating

09-18 18:09:04.089: D/OpenCVEngine/JNI(2059): Java_org_opencv_engine_BinderConnector_Init

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/JNI(2059): Creating new component

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/JNI(2059): New component created successfully

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/Service(2059): Service started successfully

09-18 18:09:04.089: I/OpenCVEngine/Service(2059): Service onBind called for intent Intent { act=org.opencv.engine.BIND }

09-18 18:09:04.093: D/KeyguardViewMediator(120): setHidden false

09-18 18:09:04.097: D/Launcher(204): It's image wallpaper. suggestDesiredDimensions(-1,-1)

09-18 18:09:04.097: D/KeyguardViewMediator(120): setHidden false

09-18 18:09:04.101: D/OpenCVManager/Helper(2135): Service connection created

09-18 18:09:04.101: D/OpenCVEngine(2059): OpenCVEngine::OnTransact(1,16)

09-18 18:09:04.101: D/OpenCVEngine(2059): OpenCVEngine OCVE_GET_ENGINE_VERSION request

09-18 18:09:04.101: D/OpenCVEngine(2059): OpenCVEngine::GetVersion()

09-18 18 ... (more)

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answered 2013-09-18 04:34:16 -0500

Moster gravatar image
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Thank you for your answer :) I've downloaded the 2.4.5 SDK and it still didn't works with the last openCVManager (v2.10) so I uninstalled the latest openCVManager and install an old one using the right apk.

What I would like to know now is, is there a way from an application, let's say tutorial1 to check if the openCVManager have been installed or not and if not find the right apk to install. Saying differently, from an application, can we automatically install openCVManager from an apk stored in the application raw folder in order to user to not go to the google play for downloading the last version?

nakano gravatar imagenakano ( 2013-09-18 21:20:16 -0500 )edit

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