Implementation of BackgroundSubtractorGMG class

asked 2013-09-14 10:32:03 -0600

Gino Strato gravatar image

I wanted to understand the algorithm behind sample demo bgfg_gmg.cpp and BackgroundSubtractorGMG class.

Opencv stated that the class comes from the authors of article "Visual Tracking of Human Visitors under Variable-Lighting Conditions for a Responsive Audio Art Installation," A. Godbehere, A. Matsukawa, K. Goldberg, American Control Conference, Montreal, June 2012.

I gave it a read.

In the forth page it says: “Making use of Assumption I-C5, we let p(f|F) = 1-p(f|B)” [f is the feature calculated and F stands for foreground, B for background]. This sentence is a non sense whatever assumption one makes.

I would like to know if someone of you can understand how that sentence has been implemented on the source code of opencv.

P.S.: BTW, that article is one of the worst written ones I’ve ever read. Very simple concepts overburdened with a huge amount of notation that made it almost unreadable. Just an example of how not to write and article.

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