depth in image and basics in images

asked 2013-09-13 13:03:22 -0500

image descriptionHi all, Vary new to opencv using it with python (fairly new with that as well :/) i was wondering if it is possible to get an X and Y location from an image with depth distortion. some discounts: i know the size of the square.

so basically:
1. are there any functions that can translate the image as shown knowing the real size of the blue and red line. 2. does knowing alpha helps? 3. is it possible to tell what alpha is from the image considering its an angle caused by depth and if so, how? 4. i dont even know how to get the x and y values from the image on the right :/ but im sure i can find it online :)

Thanks to whomever willing to help and hope i haven't aggravated anyone with where and what i should post as questions here...

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