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how to perform triangulation for monocular camera?

asked 2018-12-21 02:35:32 -0500

ADI gravatar image

I have calculated rotation, translation and camera matrix but i don't get how to triangulate points in monocular camera if is there any document is ready for finding approx 3D point please share with me. i have read some document but there requirement is 2 camera matrix but I'm using monocular camera, if you have any idea about it then please share with me... thanks.

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answered 2018-12-21 23:07:18 -0500

Tetragramm gravatar image

You need to have multiple views.

If you don't know anything about the relative rotation and translation, you use the SfM links Eduardo posted.

If you do, you can use a simpler method. I'm working on an OpenCV module to help with this: HERE.

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I'm accessing sequentially images from mono camera also find out rotation and translation using svd and projection matrix

ADI gravatar imageADI ( 2018-12-26 01:03:49 -0500 )edit
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