Matlab YOLO Example

asked 2018-12-12 16:55:03 -0500

I have two problems and answering just one could help me a ton:

  1. After two weeks of failed attempts trying to get YOLO to work in Matlab. Matlab technical support said that I need to create my own OpenCV 3.1 libraries. I have tried downloading many different libraries but they still do not contain the correct functions. I became familiar with environment variables to change some for Matlab. My error may be in the way they are set up. I think that the libraries I'm getting from online should have all necessary libraries.

  2. Am I just doing this wrong because compiling an OpenCV library is giving another error that nobody seems to have an issue with. The error I get in the compiler is:

    CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND. Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files: CUDA_nppi_LIBRARY (ADVANCED) linked by target "opencv_cudev" in directory C:/Users/clindhorst2/Box/opencv/sources/modules/cudev

Any help or suggestions on either problem would be greatly appreciated.

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please try with a more recent opencv version, than 3.1, e.g. the 3.4.4 release (i don't think, 3.1 had support for yolov3)

also try without CUDA, since you cannot use it for the dnn anyway.

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2018-12-13 01:18:27 -0500 )edit

Matlab specifies that OpenCV 3.1 be used. That is the problem that I am running into.

cmtml9311 gravatar imagecmtml9311 ( 2018-12-13 16:13:22 -0500 )edit