How to distinguish person's belongings using yolo3 [closed]

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Hi, I am working on a project for a convenience store. I am using yolo3 for an object and person detection. After getting the pose estimated coordinates for the person, I want to distinguish the belongings of the person and objects around him in a convenience store. At the moment, the issue is that my model is adding the surrounding objects in the convenience store to the person's belongings list. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you. I have added a snippet of a code. I am not sure whether that is enough.

def setBelongings(self, belongings):
        self.lastBelongingsList = belongings
        if belongings is not None:
            for item in belongings:
                if item not in self.belongings:
                    self.belongings[item] = 1
                    self.belongings[item] += 1
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how is this related to opencv ?

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