Error while loading resnet or inception-resnet models for Mask-rcnn

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Thanks to the OpenCV developers group, we are now able to import Mask-RCNN's mask_rcnn_inception_v2_coco_2018_01_28 model in OpenCV. But I was not able to import either mask_rcnn_resnet101_atrous_coco_2018_01_28 or mask_rcnn_inception_resnet_v2_atrous_coco_2018_01_28, while trying to improve the Mask-RCNN's results with better backbone architectures. These models are from the Tensorflow Detection Model Zoo

I am getting the following error:

cv2.error: OpenCV(3.4.3) /Users/snayak/opencv/opencv-3.4.3/modules/dnn/src/tensorflow/tf_importer.cpp:1008: error: (-215:Assertion failed) values.type() == CV_32FC1 in function 'populateNet'

The .pbtxt file used above was generated using the following command:

python3 ~/opencv/opencv-3.4.3/samples/dnn/ --input=mask_rcnn_resnet101_atrous_coco_2018_01_28/frozen_inference_graph.pb --output=mask_rcnn_resnet101_atrous_coco_2018_01_28.pbtxt
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I have the same problem, I opened this issue:

Did you solve the problem?

Regards, Norbert

Norbert Bara gravatar imageNorbert Bara ( 2018-11-15 09:36:36 -0500 )edit

@Norbert Bara, please do not post answers here, if you have a question or comment, thank you.

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2018-11-15 09:39:24 -0500 )edit

Sorry, but the original question was posted on Sep 20 '18. Now, I am still facing with the problem, this is why I opened an issue in the OpenCV bug tracker a weak ago. I didn't see any other related issue which cover the problem. If somebody could solve it then I close the issue in the tracker or on the link @datascientist can found the right solution (if the issue will be fixed).

Norbert Bara gravatar imageNorbert Bara ( 2018-11-15 09:55:13 -0500 )edit