No GPU support in GPU builded OpenCV

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Hello I have created a VS 2010 project In order to run one of the GPU module algorithms.

I link the libs and I copy the corresponding dlls from opencv dir to the debug folder. The libs I use are:

opencv_gpu246d.lib opencv_core246d.lib opencv_imgproc246d.lib opencv_calib3d246d.lib opencv_video246d.lib opencv_highgui246d.lib cudart.lib

Also the project asked me the follwing hpp files: precomp.hpp internal_shared.hpp safe_call.hpp

I copied them to a folder into the project directory and I add I include the folder in the proj's properties.

I build the project without any link error but when I run the exe file an error is returned:

OpenCV Error: No GPU support <the library="" is="" compiled="" without="" gpu="" support=""> in unknown function, file c:....\precomp.hpp line 137 error c:....\precomp.hpp:137 error:<-216> the library is compiled without GPU support.

I am using Win 7 64x, CUDA toolkit 5.5, OpenCV 2.4.6 and GeForce 9600. Please do not tell me that I did not build the opencv with cuda support, because I did it and I am using the lib and dll files from the new folder that the solution created.

Thank you in advance.

P.S: The same error is returned with OpenCV 2.4.5

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Hello, Have you found the solution? if so, please tell me what did you do. I have the same problem and still looking for the solution.. everybody is saying to recompile opencv (with_cuda) using cmake but I've already did!!

Nada gravatar imageNada ( 2014-06-02 17:17:54 -0500 )edit