Is Opencv already implement this algorithm from imageJ library? OR How to implement this algorithm in opencv ? [closed]

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Hi, I'm using an algorithm in Knime wich do that :

(taken from source code of the node implemented in ImageLib)

  • This class implements a very simple peak-picker, with optional ellipsoidal peak suppression. * Peaks are found by taking the sign of the difference operator in each dimension, differentiating * between negative and non-negative differences, then finding transitions from non-negative to * negative. This is accomplished in a random-access manner, in other words, with one * LocalizableCursor irrespective of how it traverses the {@link Image}, and a * LocalizableByDimCursor that is set to its 2^n-connected neighbors (where n is dimensionality).

i'can dound a way to implement that in opencv or better,, not reinventing the wheel THank you for your answer

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and the question is?

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-1 I have waited to see this topic change to an actual question with some minimal attempt. Seems like people on stackoverflow come to the same conclusion, that in fact your topic question seems you have no idea of the actual working principle... Topic closed.

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Dear Pascal66 your item was closed, please stop updating it, since this has no use...

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