Execution time calling to goodFeaturesToTrack(...) are not stable.

asked 2018-08-23 02:32:56 -0500

stav bodik gravatar image


I am facing same problem as described in this question :


The guy there solved the problem by using parallel implantation of OpenCV with OpenMP.

But in my case , I can't use OpenMP because I develop real time system which run's on small single CPU.

My Though for trying to reduce this problem :

Maybe this can be caused due to the fact of using dynamic linking instead of static one ? Because if using dynamic linking the operation system needs to manage threads which are calling to the function each time from the DLL and has to wait some times, and if I will use static (obj windows) libraries of OpenCV the calls to the function will be more stable because the actual code is already loaded in the memory ?

Thanks for help !

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